2011 was a good year in the Retzer household. Both Ben and I celebrated our 29th birthdays in a low-key fashion, hanging our with family and friends.

In January, I had started my new job at Securities America and I have been enjoying it very much. Starting in an industry that you are not familiar with can be a challenge, but I am learning so much everyday it has been great. I even bought financial software to help Ben and I have a budget. Ben is still enjoying his job at Warren Distribution as the chemist and has been to several company trips with the “big wigs.”

The Spring, brought a new addition to our little family, Ben let me adopt a little four-legged friend. His family is Rowdy Pipper, named after the wrestler. He is a mut mix and has brought so many smiles and laughter to our lives. Love you Rowdy Roo!

This Spring also brought a sad note to the family. After a long battle with Dementia Peggy, Ben’s grandma was starting to get worse and though we were happy to see Lila earlier than expected from their southern wintering, we knew it would be soon to say good-bye. In June, we headed put to Aberdeen, South Dakota and laid her to rest. It was good to see where Ben’s family was from and see all of the relatives. While in Aberdeen, we spent most of the time with the aunts, uncles, and cousins as well as my first experience at Storybook Land, one of Ben’s favorite places as well as Twist Cone.

This year also brought many new faces into our little world from the birth of our niece Emily Jo to over half of our friends having little ones as well. It has been so much fun watching each and every one of them grow and change.

In the fall, Ben and I started to get ready to go on a vacation to visit my sister and go to a wedding. This trip was a little bigger as it was in Europe and with my in-laws. Overall, we had an amazing time in both the UK and in France. It was wonderful to be able to spend more time with the Weston’s in the UK and Paris was fun to travel in and around in. The trip into Normandy was truly amazing and breathtaking. The wedding was a sight to see in a magnificent setting, and the road trip to the coast to the WWII cemetery was by far one of my favorite and most memorable travel moments in my life.

Now, I have made it back into winter and into the new year with our recap. We have actually had amazing weather thus far and have enjoyed spending more time outside. Thanksgiving was spent with both parents and then Christmas was at my parents.

Ben and I are blessed for the families and health that we have. This year would not have been as great without them. Our plans for 2012 are pretty simple, enjoy each other, celebrate our 30th birthdays with friends and see what the future holds, together.


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