Now what, I thought 30 would feel different

In February, Ben and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our 30 birthdays. It was a wonderful trip with our friends Bonnie and Corey. We went to the Sheraton All-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta. It was fun, relaxing, and most of all – warm. We left during one of the only coldest parts of all winter 2011-2012. We actually flew out in the beginnings of the only major snow storms we had this winter. But we landed and it was sunny and 70’s. The hardest part of our seven day adventure was mainly figuring out what we wanted to eat or drink, everyday. There was so many wonderful, fresh foods it was hard, but I managed. I had octopuss tacos which were fantastic at a little local place that was too far from our hotel. I think Ben ate about a pound-a-day of guacamole and ceviche.

So almost everday we would get up, eat, find some good shaded chairs by the pool, eat again plus order drinks, lay by the pool, and then get ready for our evening drinks and dinner. As you can tell it was an exhausting vacation. To get my fill of adventure in, we did go ziplining through the forrest near Puerto Vallarta. I would also recommend this as an option for entertainment. It was very safe and our guides where very helpful and funny. I loved the feeling of going through the forrest and seeing the bottom ravines below. The repelling was fun but i wish i could have controlled my speed a little more because I did want to go faster, but safety first. The only part I didn’t enjoy to the fullest was the suspended ladder, but that was largely due to the shaking part.

The ocean water was too cold to be in, but we were only a mile from downtown, so we did venture down there twice, just to mix it up. The markets can be little overwhelming, but if you really wanted to get your bargin on, that is the place to do. Once you have seen one vendor though you have seen them all.

Our other fun adventure we went on was to a very delightful birthday dinner. It was amazing. It was a wine pairing dinner at a local restaurant that Corey had researched. The food was very good, the wines were all very tasty and the best part was the desset tray. My champaign moouse was too die for! We followed that up with a chocolate martini and trust me, I was good to go.

After we got back from our trip and worked off almost all the weight I gain from it, I look to the rest of the year with excitment as it was going to be a new chapter, but sad to say…so far it really isn’t any different from the year before. Or maybe it isn’t a sad “thing” because I really do love my life.

I wonder what my next adventure will be, only time may tell.










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