Terminal Velocity

The definition of terminal velocity is where the downward force of gravity equals the upward force of drag. In other words, when I feel out of a plane 10,000 ft in the air, i reached terminal velocity for about 30ish seconds. According to wikipedia, a human skydiver reaches it at 120 mph, well ladies and gentlemen I reached it at max of 131mph.

So, why skydiving you might ask and why now? Well I have always been fascinated with things I never thought I would do growing up, and basically proving to myself that I can indeed do anything if I set my mind to do them. I went to Europe (ok, I may have gone four more times then I thought I would) I rode on rollercoasters, I’ve parasailed, rip-cord, ziplined and now finally skydived. I always enjoyed swinging as a kid and even into my youth, I loved the feeling of flying through the air, so I told myself that when I finally would reach my personal goal weight I would get to do somethung I have always wanted, and skydiving was it.

I started my weight loss journey in February 2011, it started with Lent and then I was doing so well and my work was offering weight watchers at a discount that I decided to sign up. It took me around 7 months of strict food journaling to lose around 32 pounds, so in September of 2011, I had reached my goal to skydive! I called Lincoln Parachute and Skydiving club to find out when the next available time would be to Tandem dive, and they were booked solid for the rest of their season. Totally bummed! So I waited, and waited, and waited some more, diligently checking their website for openings and finally they were posted.

We were actually supposed to skydive back in late April, but the day of the jump, the clouds were heavy and the wind was high, so yet another postpone. We finally got re-scheduled for May 5 and Ben, Jeni Murray, myself and Jeni’s husband John set out to Weeping Water to finally jump. John, did not jump with us that day, but he was gracious enough to come out and take pictures – thanks John.

It was amazing, I was scared, but it was a good scare. It reminds me of the fear you get when you know there is a large drop on a rollercoaster coming, but your not sure if it is this next turn or not. Let me be the first to tell you that you really don’t need to worry about anything you are just there for the ride. Chuck, our instructor, was really nice and the rest of the student jumpers that were there helped get you pumped up. The fall was such a rush, I screamed my guts out, sorry Chuck I hope you can hear alright. We did one flip and then I got to pull the cord, the soar was just breathtaking. I loved being able to just glide through the air, he even let me stir the chute for a while, we did two loops and that was one of my favorite parts. The landing was super simple, legs straight out and sit down that’s it!

Would I do it again, yep no question. Will I actually do it again, probably not, but I can consider that checked off my bucket list for now.


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