A lazy summer

The heat has finally broke, summer seems to be coming to an end. It is not the dog days of July that it was just a few short weeks ago. 2012, has been a year of strangeness. This past winter was mild, it was 90F degrees in March and July we had a record draught and heat. With this being the middle of August, my thoughts are turning to Fall. I desperately want to wear jeans and not die of heat stroke, plus I have the new desire to start running again, outside. I blame the Olympic on this, watching almost all of the games this past year I realized that even though I get up every morning and go excerise, I could be doing more, really pushing myself. I guess we will see where that goes.

I really dont have much to talk about, but I felt I needed to update my little blog. I guess it relates back to my title, it has just been a lazy summer.


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