Selling the house

One day in mid-August, Ben had said “let’s sell the house!” Now you may be thinking this was a little out of the blue, but we had actually been talking about it for a while. We in fact had been very slowly doing things around the house to get it ready. The last major items on our list was stain the fence and update/clean up the front yard. This mostly entailed painting the railings, fixing the mailbox and cleaning the windows.

So over labor day weekend, we set out to tackle our list and put it on the market. We met with our realitor, set a price and have been waiting ever since. It has been just over two weeks, we have had numerous showings, an open house and even a few second showings. But no takers yet. What can I say about this whole process, well it really does stink. All we have is ourselves and a dog and it is HARD! I can’t even imagine doing this with kids. There are nights where we might only get a half hours noticed. The very first day we actually listed our house we had a showing, to say we were surprised would be an understatement. In fact we had just finished eating our supper, homemade Indian Curry and Rice, so our houses really didn’t smell the best, but we managed to pick up, light a candle for a little while and head on over to Ben’s sister house for the hour.

With every showing I think, is this finally the person? We have even talked about re-painting the hallway, replacing the kitchen counters and lowering the price. Each passing day our viewpoint changes. Today, I just want to lower the price and hope that makes people interested, but the major problem is, this is a starter house. They are a dime a dozen here in Omaha, they all somewhat offer the same things, some have more updates than ours and others don’t. Some look worse while others look better. It is a buyers market, but if you know someone looking for a nice home, move-in ready, with new roof and fence, then send them on my way, I’ve got the place for you!


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