Big changes coming our way

Since my last post, we have had a few changes around the Retzer household. We finally and successfully sold our house in the first of November and bought a new house also in November. The process was stressful and very time consuming, but now that we are four weeks in our new house, it was worth it. We moved to a part of town that I had always admired, and when I first moved into an apartment here I would run this neighborhood and dream.

I guess dreams can come true. We have had some highs and lows, but are making it our own and everyday, little by little it is starting to feel like home. Rowdy is more comfortable and has relaxed, let me just say the packing of the boxes was not for him. He even had an all day adventure a few weeks prior to the move, my sister was watching him and he ran away for almost seven hours. A very gracious women picked him and took a large chunck out of her time to help find his home. I was so neverous and scared for my little dog that I even gave her the wrong address when we finally did get ahold of each other.

Some other crazy news that we can share, is that our little family is growing! We are expecting our first child in May, a baby boy. We are very excited about our boy, his name will be Leon Franklin Retzer. Leon is the name of Ben’s grandpa on his mother’s side, he was cow farmer up in South Dakota. Everyday things are changing and growing for me. I mostly am very tired at night but that mainly is because I am not the type of person to just take a break, I already know that I will regret that once he is born, but old habits are hard to break.

It is also Christmas time, and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that my sister and brother-n-law are here from England! It feels like a whirlwind but all worth in the end. We not only got to celebrate my Grandpa Siebert’s 90th birthday we have been able to just spend time together as a family. This year marks the first of actually celebrating Christmas in Omaha instead of Henderson. So far so good and to top it off we also get to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. They have been such a remarkable set of role models, I am truly blessed to have them as parents. Sadly, were there is joy there comes sadness, and with that I have found out that my Grandma Ulrich is declining in health. We are just taking it a day at a time and wait to see her progress as it goes. I pray that her Christmas present is peace, and I know that she will find that with her heavenly Father. I am sad to think of her days as numbered here on earth, but I don’t want her to suffer but to know that by grace she will be healed and find eternal peace.

So this Christmas Eve, I write with a sad but greatful heart and want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


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