Looking back and forth

The funny thing about keeping a blog is how it really does capture a moment in time. I had left here on Christmas Eve with only thoughts of peace for my Grandma Ulrich as her health was declining and the very next morning, I did find out that she had in fact found peace. Betty Ulrich had passed away and went to be among the angels in Heaven. Her funeral was beautiful but to see my Grandpa just sit in his wheelchair beside her coffin was so hard. He did get one last chance to say goodnight to her before she passed, and it is mainly for those reasons that I cried. She had lead a wonderful life and was blessed to have a husband, four boys, grand kids and great-grandkids that loved and cherished her.

Another moment captured in my last post was the announcement of our pregnancy. As I write, I am 36 1/2 weeks along and that means in less than a month I will finally get to meet this little bean that has been growing inside of me. To say that am one of those women “who loves being pregnant” would be a stretch, but what I do enjoy has been the moments when it has just been me and him. Another good one was when Ben and I picked out our registry together, to see Ben so happy and giddy about picking out items for our little boy was one of my top five.

So here I sit, swollen, tired and needing to go to the bathroom every five minutes and I just want to feel normal, but I know that won’t ever happen again because the moment this baby enters my life a new normal will begin. I just pray that with all the great mothers I have been around my entire life, it has rubbed off a little.

Till the next time we meet again, I will leave you with these gems from the here and now…I sit with Rowdy curled up like a ball at the edge of my feet, Leon has made his ten consecutive fetal kicks for the day, my right hand is numb from excessive carpal tunnel due to prego hormones and Ben is downstairs playing video games on his GIANT 100″ screen, which he installed.


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