On May 7, 2013 my world changed in an instance. Leon Franklin Retzer was born. After a very long day of labor, the doctor hauled me and my husband, in toe, into the OR. C-section it is, and an half hour later I was a mom. CRAZY.

It has been almost four months since that day, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Yes, we have and will have some long nights and days, but when he sleeps on my chest, buries his head on my shoulder or smiles his big gummy, single-dimpled smile I feel blessed.

Leon, you are starting to rollover and before I know it you will be chasing Rowdy around the house. I love you so much Leon and I love your dad even more than I did before. Watching you and him play together takes the cake.

I never dreamed of ever being a mom, but you have turned my world upside down.




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