2013 – What a year it has been

This year has been one of true blessing for the Retzer family. In May, we welcomed Leon Franklin into our home. Ben and I can honestly say that those first few weeks months were a blur. We look back a pictures through foggy, sleep-deprived eyes and we see our little bundle of joy. Personally, I did not believe anyone when they said I would forget the pain and discomfort of being pregnant or all those early sleepless nights. It is December though, and the faint memory is still there but the pain is gone and all I can see is my goofy, cuddle bug. Leon is just starting to learn how to crawl, his two front teeth are trying to make their presence known and he LOVES sweet potatoes and peaches (mixed together)!

Another fun aspect regarding having a child this year, was that quite a few of our friends also had babies. We were so happy to help welcome Jonathon Dunlap, Callan Frost, Corbin Roberts, Hugo Fuss, Riley Messner and Lucy Honz into the world along with Leon.

We also had the joy of really living in our new home, since we bought it about a year ago. I love our neighborhood, the style of house and how close we are to our family. But there was drama, boy was there drama! With a 30-year old home came some trouble: new roof, new gutters, new heater, new air conditioner, 4 back-ups with the sewer, ripping out carpet in basement due to sewer backups and one of trees had to be completely removed from our backyard. I do sure hope that 2014, allows us to just live and not have to keep doing large-maintance work. I have plans in my head of things I want to update, so maybe this will be the year I can do them.

Our work life hasn’t changed much this year, Ben did get the joy of becoming a manager (of one person) so that was an adjustment for him, but overall our jobs haven’t changed much. Leon is in school at It’s a Wonderful World and he loves his teachers, there is one teacher in particular that he just adores. I am pretty sure she has a little baby crush on him too, her name is Precious and from day one she has just loved to cuddle with him.

Everyday there is something new and fun awaiting us while we watch Leon grow, I love Ben more than ever and am excited to see what 2014 will bring us.

God Bless You, Merry Christmas and see you all in 2014!





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