This category of design my indeed by my favorite! To be able to create an invitation to help commemorate or celebrate a milestone in a company or someone’s life is very special. There are all types of invites and can very from digital printing to hand-crafted to printing on specialized paper to add a simple “zing.”

When putting an invitation set together it is important to pay attention to the details, like what is all needed for the map and directions or how it will be actually mailed being either open postcard or in an envelope. Making sure the design style is consistent the entire way through the process, is also key in developing a personalized invitation package.

A whole other dimension of invitation design is wedding style. This process is complicated but the most fun. Being the visual part of a couple’s big day is what will help set the stage for a day they will never forget. When I meet with a couple to undergo this fun process, I like to get to know them because showing what makes each couple unique is the best way to visually represent them together.